Supports And Consultations


There are two MMI aftersales support for PROMISE’s client:

Annual Technical Support (ATS)

  • Client gets priority for corrective maintenance due to operational system error/failure.
  • Free Patch update.

Annual Maintenance Support (AMS)

During ATS, client can buy additional feature such as:

  • One (1) year 100 Man days’ operational support (for PROMISE)
  • Every three months’ health check system
  • Capacity check (Database & Log System)
  • Application & Database tuning
  • Preventive maintenance (For PROMISE application)
  • Onsite and Remote application check
  • Additional training when necessary


The solutions we offer are not only limited to the products above. As an experienced vendor in optimizing procurement performance, we also offer procurement system consultation services that help improve the effectiveness of business processes through the following approaches:

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of organization chart related to Procurement performance
  • Designing company’s strategy in optimizing the procurement process
  • Increasing the collaboration through Sourcing & Category Management
  • Designing the Procurement system that is suitable to each company
  • Utilize the right technology for efficiency and effectiveness

To achieve full-scale transformation or targeted improvements, MMI procurement consultant can help you directing the benefits of these approaches for a better business.