Promise E-Catalogue

Manage thousands of user and supplier product on simple Informative interface. All information about supplier product, product rating, product pricing & product comparison.

Promise e-catalogue allows you to order products just like online shopping


One of the advantages of Promise compared to other procurement system is an internal online catalogue. Through Promise E-Catalogue, user can easily pick and choose goods and services needed just like online shopping process. Loaded with various product and services from qualified vendor, user will be experiencing easier and efficient procurement process.

Strategic Value

  • Reduce Cost of Fund
  • Reduce Inventory Storage & Warehouse Cost
  • Price Tier
  • Bulk Discount
  • Efficient


  • Master Category
  • Vendor Catalogue
  • Framework Product Catalogue
  • Blanket Order Template


Promise is a complete integrated e-procurement solution to automate the entire procurement process, from purchase order creation to decision making and reporting tool that provide greater management control. Ensuring a procurement compliance, value for money, productivity and on time good availability.

Promise Related Services

  • Implementation Service (Installation & Configure Promise)
  • IBM Business Partner (Hardware & Software Infrastructure)
  • Maintenance (Annual Technical Support Licensing – ATS)
  • Support (Annual Maintenance Support – AMS)