Contract Management

With Promise contract management you can control the whole life cycle of contract creation, revision, extension, termination, up to contract closing. So no matter where you operate in today’s digital economy, you’ll find it far easier to more efficiently & effectively.


Both of direct purchase or bidding process, everything monitored by contract management module from the process of receiving goods and services, untill payment process.

Strategic Value

  • Budget Forecasting

    Next Year CAPEX, Next Year OPEX, Payment

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Payment Control;

    Reduce payment oversight

  • Traceable Administration


  • SOP Contract Template
  • SOP Contract Management
  • Template Document Contract based on type and criteria


Promise is a complete integrated e-procurement solution to automate the entire procurement process, from purchase order creation to decision making and reporting tool that provide greater management control. Ensuring a procurement compliance, value for money, productivity and on time good availability.

Promise Related Services

  • Implementation Service (Installation & Configure Promise)
  • IBM Business Partner (Hardware & Software Infrastructure)
  • Maintenance (Annual Technical Support Licensing – ATS)
  • Support (Annual Maintenance Support – AMS)