PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) is company that holds a railroad operating system in Indonesia as a whole and was established since 1945.

In 2019, PT KAI decided to cooperate with Promise, for upgrading the electronic procurement system application or often called  e-procurement system to become the latest Procurement Management module, and implementing other Promise modules, as well as implementing electronic catalogues or Promise e-catalogue, so that the procurement process that occurs within PT KAI can take place transparently, effectively, efficiently and good governance, so that efficient organizations can be achieved in implementing strategic procurement, both strategic and operational expenditures which are the vision and mission of PT KeretaApi Indonesia (Persero).

In the process of implementing Promise, as a solution for the procurement of goods and services, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), on June 24-28 2019, PT Mitra Mandiri Informatika (PT MMI) held a Promise workshop with the theme Business E-Tender Application Process for PT KeretaApi Indonesia (Persero) with the aim of harmonizing the business process in Promise modules that will be implemented for PT KAI. The module is Procurement Management, Vendor Management, and Contract Management and Promise E-Catalogue.

In the workshop, which was attended by 3 people from the VP and Manager from PT KAI and also the BPS Team from Promise, a workshop that was held for 5 days in Bandung ran smoothly and thoroughly.

The workshop began with a discussion of the Promise as a whole, starting from the basic usage, to the existing business processes, which was then followed by discussion of business processes from the Vendor Management, Procurement Management, Contract Management modules and closed with Promise E-Catalogue, which was discussed on the day -the next day. Changes and alignments made in each module are discussed in detail so that business processes will be implemented by the Promise team according to the needs of PT KAI. For example, in Vendor Management module, adjusting to the 4 types that can register to become a vendor at PT KAI, which corresponds to the needs of the company or aligning the Procurement Management module in the evaluation method process so that it becomes the 3 choices evaluation method process.

With the implementation of the Promise business process workshop at PT KAI, the process of implementing the Promise E-Procurement system, in the future is expected to run smoothly and in accordance with the needs of PT KAI, which aims to harmonize and facilitate all procurement processes within PT KAI transparently, effective and efficient, and make PT KAI an efficient organization in implementing strategic procurement.

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