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Complete web-based
Integrated E-Procurement Solutions for Enterprise

Promise SOA Based consists of Procurement Management, Vendor Management, Contract Management, E-Catalogue and Spending Management


Managing the whole procurement process in accordance with the best practices for enterprise procurement processes.


Actively manage suppliers with a complete solution of supplier registration, supplier information management & supplier approval.


Contract management provides control over the whole process of contract creation, revision, extension, termination, until contract closing.


Manage thousands of your supplier’s product on simple informative interface, including product rating, product pricing & product comparison. Also allows you to order product just like an online shopping.

Spending Management

Easily monitor all current information about your budgets and get all other reports you need of your company procurement performance.

The Best e-Procurement
Solution in Indonesia

promise application

Promise Implementation Stage

Any kind of your company’s business. You certainly have a target to be achieved with a good business plan. The procurement plan is needed to support your business plan. With Promise, the procurement of goods and services for your company can be done effectively and efficiently.


One of the advantages of Promise compared to other procurement system is an  internal online catalogue. In order that all process traces can be recorded properly in the recapitulation evidence received by the company. In this process, Promise has an active role in creating a condition where all relevant users or divisions can independently determine the purchases.